Dr Eva Cwynar, Detoxification

1. Have you noticed your skin aging faster than it should be?
2. Do you feel lethargic?
3. Do your joints and muscles ache?
4. Are you having trouble with digestion?
5. Do you experience irregularity?
6. Do you just feel old?

“Yes” answers to these questions could mean that you may be accelerating your aging process. It’s one of the major issues facing American adults, and its effects on health and well-being can’t be ignored, especially if you want to continue feeling good for as long as possible.

It’s a fact that you can’t turn back the clock. I believe we can definitely enhance the quality of life through diet, exercise, weight management, nutritional focus and the monitoring of micronutrients that support proper body function.

Certain supplements can help with premature aging improving loss of skin elasticity, bone deterioration, digestive quality and more.

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