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Q: I gained 10 pounds over the holiday. How can I lose it quickly?

A: It’s not uncommon to gain a little weight around the holidays, especially as we age and our metabolism slows down. Losing it quickly though can lead to gaining it back even more quickly. The key is a good diet and a strong regimen of change.

Remember, the rest of your life continues much as it was. You’re busy at work, you probably haven’t had time to exercise. You may have cut back on a few calories each day but that’s not enough. In order to lose weight and make it a lasting loss, you need to change how you do most everything.

It’s not nearly as daunting as it sounds. It can start with something as simple as eating breakfast. Yes, I really am advocating eating in order to reduce. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s a fact; not a myth. Studies show that people who eat breakfast every morning enjoy more energy and a better mood throughout the day. You should eat breakfast within one hour of waking up, and the meal should include protein and fat with no greater than 30 percent carbohydrates, which will help maintain steady glucose levels, lower insulin production, and result in less hunger and snacking throughout the rest of the day. Throw in a renewed commitment to exercise, even walking everyday before lunch, and the pounds will start to come off. And since it’s not a crash diet, they’ll be more apt to stay off!

I believe in taking small steps to achieve larger goals. It’s the key to living an energized life.

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