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I’m 42 and look 60. How can I change my skin back to younger??

Thomas Nashe, a 17th century writer, wrote “Beauty is but a flower, Which wrinkles will devour.” I happen to believe that while all aging is natural, the look of all aging doesn’t have to be. By changing some of your daily habits, as well as using a complete and highly effective skin care regimen, you can change your skin back to a more youthful look.

It's almost automatic until puberty, but your all-clear, wrinkle-free complexion can hit some bumps in the road as early as adolescence, in the form of dreaded pimples. And as you age, skin becomes less and less stable, with genetic changes and sun damage taking their combined toll. You can't control certain factors of natural aging, but today we know that the sun — not our genes — is mostly to blame for our baby-fresh faces turning blemished and wrinkled. Besides limiting sun exposure and wearing protection from damaging UV rays, focus on other changes you can make to keep bad elements at bay: Don't smoke. Limit your alcohol intake. And choose a skin care regimen with tremendous moisturizing properties that makes you feel comfortable in your skin, like ABADI. The name actually means longevity in Balinese. It might just help you recreate the face you remember.

It's true that some wrinkles might be inevitable as we age. But healthy habits — most of all wearing sunscreen every day — can go far to preserve the pretty bloom of youth.