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I can't lose weight. What in the world am I doing wrong?

This month, someone asked the question: I've just turned 34 and for the past year I have been dieting (800-1300 calories a day), exercising (pilates plus, yoga and spinning 3-5 days per week) and I have not been able to drop a pound. What in the world am I doing wrong?

In one question, you have voiced the concerns of so many women around the world. What concerns me about your inability to lose weight is that you have the well-known belly fat that could lead to diabetes.

Now, I have several questions for you:

Are your periods getting shorter, either in duration or in time in between them? If they are, you may be in peri-menopause and progesterone may be the answer.

Has your thyroid been checked and if so have the results been interpreted correctly? Too many times a physician will go by the standards of the labs instead of the newer accepted standards that incorporate many people into the hypo stage who might otherwise go undetected.

I would also have a fasting insulin blood test done to determine if you have insulin resistance.
You may want to note that there is a new DNA salivary test that determines what kind of diet best suits you. Believe it or not there are some people that metabolize carbohydrates at a higher rate than protein. However, since this is an expensive test, I would pursue the above ideas first and if all else fails, follow up with this test.
I wish you success.