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Good Loving
By Eva Cwynar, M.D.

Is it possible to lose your sexual appetite? I hear from women constantly that they love their husband or boyfriend, but that they’ve lost all interest in sex. Why? It’s the libido and it has run of steam. I call it a sexual energy crisis.

Many women are tired, stressed out and feel guilty or depressed because of the sexual distance they feel from their partners.  They have no energy left after hours spent at work, caring for children, preparing meals and dealing with the home, let alone sex.

One thing I always tell my patients: Want good energy?  Have good sex. 

But is it that easy? Not always.

According to a 2009 article in The New York Times, nearly 30 percent of women between the ages of 20 and 60 go through extended periods where they have very little desire for sex.  Much to their surprise once they start to engage in the act of sex, then they are actually enjoying themselves.

Women come to me for help with their libidos, hormones, and sexual functioning. Some sexual problems can be due to medical (mostly hormonal) issues, and some may be due to lifestyle issues (too many demands, too little time).

Simple lifestyle changes can get you feeling revitalized and sexually healthy again. Reclaim your personal energy by working on your eating habits and your sleep schedule. It may help to light up your pleasure centers (including your brain, the body’s largest erogenous zone) and as a result, give you more energy to engage in sex.

Acupuncture may be of benefit. This traditional Chinese medical treatment uses needles to stimulate the flow of chi, or energy, in the body and has been shown to help a variety of sexual problems for both women and men.

Yoga is used to help release energy from the lower spine and bring illumination to the brain, and you can try meditation to notice and focus on physical sensations while repeating positive phrases like “my body is alive and sexual”, whether you believe it or not.

You should also see an endocrinologist such as myself because your sex hormones may be out of balance. This can make you tired all the time, not to mention irritable and unhappy. It can even make you gain weight, which only contributes to being tired, irritable and unhappy!

My Female and Male Sexual Vitality Kits might help.  These kits contain herbs that promote balance in the brain and groin region without using hormone replacement therapy to replenish those  missing elements.

Either way, building your energy and trying some new ideas may be key to finding a renewed interest in good loving!