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April 2013 | Newsletter archives

Bathing Suit Body, Inside and Out
By Dr. Eva Cwynar

Getting into shape for summer isn’t about looking good in a bathing suit. It’s about maintaining energy, beating fatigue, building up antioxidants, and using food as your drug of choice. You read that correctly. Food elicits certain chemical responses within your body so your eating choices can make a difference in how you feel and how you look.

In order to eat the best way for good chemical reaction, you need to be aware of how sugar and carbohydrates can affect your insulin and cortisol levels.

Insulin regulates how your body utilizes food for fuel. Excess blood sugar, though, decimates your energy level and can actually lead to insulin resistance which can lead to an accumulation of body fat. That’s bad for the bikini body, not to mention the heart.

Cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands and helps your regulate physical, biological, environmental or even social stress. Long-term exposure to stress can lead to over eating and weight gain. Again, bad for your bathing suit body.

The solution is to eat every three or four hours. By eating, I don’t mean a full meal, but rather small in-between-meal snacks that keep your insulin and cortisol levels up which keep your energy levels regulated. This also regulates many of your body’s other systems, keeping them functioning stronger and healthier. Eat proteins, carbs and fats. You can learn more in my book, “The Fatigue Solution: Increase your energy in eight easy steps.”

Naturally, you should try to get enough sleep, exercise at least 30 minutes each day, practice stress management therapies like laughing and playing, limit alcohol, sip some green tea, and drink a lot of water. What you feed your body inside can be positively reflected in your healthy, glowing skin. Vitamin A keeps skin soft and supple, vitamin C helps counter the effects of sun damage and pollution, vitamin E improves skin texture, helping to prevent wrinkles; biotin helps keep hair, skin and nails strong, niacin smoothes away dryness, selenium helps produce healthy cells, copper supports skin structure, essential fatty acids keep cells strong and antioxidants protect cells both inside and out.

If you do even some of these things on a daily basis you’ll feel stronger, you’ll lose weight, your energy will increase and when you hit the beach this summer, you’ll look and feel fabulous.

For more information, please try my Weight Loss Jump Start kit.