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April 2013 | Newsletter archives

Women’s Health Care Month
By Dr. Eva Cwynar

Every month should be women’s health care month. As a physician and endocrinology, I am particularly interested in women’s health, especially when it comes to hormones as well as to traditional women’s health care issues like heart disease and cancer. These last two are the top two causes of death among women according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Other things that are priority concerns include smoking and obesity. As we strive to make sure that all women have access to wide-ranging preventive care, reproductive care and cancer screening options, we need to be constantly vigilant.

Studies show that women tend to experience and react to stress differently than men. Women are also the key influencers for health in the family. Women make many if not all of the healthcare decisions for their families, whether it’s going to the doctor, ensuring preventive service, obtaining medications or other recovery regimens. They are also instrumental in what food choices are made, when to exercise, and how to take positive action to change unhealthy behaviors. When a woman is preoccupied with all of this, it’s easy to put herself last. After all, the laundry needs folding, you’re on deadline, a family member needs help and your daughter’s cheerleading squad is having a bake sale.

As a woman, you’re accustomed to doing it all but while you’re focused on taking care of everyone else, who’s taking care of you? While life can be a three-ring circus, you can keep yourself in balance by following three simple philosophies:

• The body: Schedule your checkups and think about the last time you had important health screenings. If you keep yourself healthy, you have more energy and stamina to help keep others healthy.

• The mind: To keep your mind sharp, start taking an omega-3 supplement like my Ultra Omega. According to a recent poll, 41% of women are missing out on the joint, heart and brain-boosting benefits of essential fatty acids. Omega-3s may also help ward off depression and even dementia.

• The spirit: It may seem like a cliché, but the power of positive thinking can actually positively affect your good health. Keep a journal to keep stress and stressors in perspective. You may even want to engage in meditation. You’ll be surprised at how sitting quietly and thinking introspectively can keep you on the road to good health this month, and all months.