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Restocking your energy furnace
By Eva Cwynar

The foods we are eating today are hitting us right in the gut, and many of us are suffering more than we should, especially when it comes to energy. For some tips on jump-starting your energy furnace, try the following:

Got whole milk? With few exceptions, I suggest drinking whole milk instead of skim milk. The ratio of carbs to proteins as well as the amount of good fats in milk make it a much better choice. One 8-ounce glass provides all three of your energy nutrients along with calcium, potassium and vitamins A, D and B12. This helps not only energy but weight loss.

Cut down on soy. You may be convinced that soy is good for you but it can have a powerful influence on hormone production, especially estrogen. A large percentage of soy is genetically modified and much of it can contain the highest percentage of pesticides and toxins in any foods we eat (even organic foods). A little bit of soy is OK, and it can be hard to avoid because it’s used as filler in many packaged products. But I suggest cutting out the soy latte you have every morning.

Always, always, always eat breakfast. Did I mention always? This meal sets you up for the rest of the day’s energy production. Studies show that people who eat breakfast every morning have more energy and are often in a better mood throughout the day. Breakfast should include protein and fat with no greater than 30 percent carbohydrates which will help maintain steady glucose levels, lower insulin production and result in less hunger and snacking throughout the day. Eggs, cheese, yogurt and even a variety of meats are your best bet; even a protein shake. But stay away from bread, jam, and muffins.

Slow down. If you eat too quickly, you don’t give your brain time to send out the signal that you’re full. Take a “zen” attitude about food – when you eat, sit down, take your time, honor your food and let it nourish you. Put your fork down between bites and thoroughly chew your food before you take the next one.

Make your food beautiful. If you can, put your drinks in beautiful containers. Place a flower near your plate. If you don’t have flowers, try a blade of grass, anything to relax you.

Use chopsticks and eat from small plates. Chopsticks, by virtue of how much food you can actually pick up at one time, actually help you to eat more slowly and to take smaller bites. Serving food on smaller plates also helps you learn to eat less.

Add some gluten-free grains to your diet. Grains like amaranth, barley, brown rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa and rye can help your body to process more quickly and easily.

Do these things and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel and how much more energy you have when you make simple changes in your diet.

For more hints, please check out The Fatigue Solution.