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Welcome The Holiday Season
By Eva Cwynar

Welcome the holiday season and bid farewell to 2015!

The holidays are always an interesting time of the year. On one hand, people are suddenly happier and more joyful. On the other, we all have a tendency to become stressed. Our regular lives are suddenly compounded. We have twice as much to do in the same amount of time, and we're supposed to be cheery about it. I don't know about you, but sometimes I can get a little cranky in amongst the merry making.

I've found that the single best way to combat holiday stress is to adopt an attitude that borders on zen. Everything will get done because it always does; therefore, I'm simply going to enjoy what I can accomplish today and tomorrow will be another day. Another chance to smile, to shop, to cook, to RSVP to a party, and to embrace the wonder of the season.

After all, 'tis a special time, one where we should welcome the holidays, ready ourselves to bid farewell to 2015, and prepare to make 2016 the best year we can. By focusing on our health, our energy levels and our overall sense of wellbeing we can embrace it all and be stronger than ever.