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The truth about hormones, inside and out

Hormones are powerful chemical messengers that are produced by a number of different glands, circulate through the bloodstream, and generate a wide range of biological responses. Hormones affect both your physical and emotional well being: if you’re happy or sad, depressed or elated, angry or tired, if you feel hungry or sleepy or sexy, your body is responding to hormones.

However, hormones start to diminish in both quantity and quality by the time we reach our 30s.  That’s when we need to start preparing ourselves for the aging process.  By the time we’re in our 40s or 50s, ingrained habits are difficult to break.  And too many women are willing to accept that the older they get, the less energy they will have. This affects your skin, hair and even nails as well. The myth that has been perpetuated by doctors and patients alike is that there’s nothing you can do about most of the problems associated with getting older.  You have aches and pains? You’re putting on weight? You’re losing your hair? All to be expected. Your skin appears to have aged overnight? It happens. You’re losing interest in sex?  Of course; you’re getting older. 

These issues are all related to hormone imbalance. They are issues that can be controlled by understanding the glands that produce them, known as the endocrine system.

I know a lot about the endocrine system because I have been an endocrinologist for more than 20 years.  An endocrinologist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the endocrine glands and the hormones produced by them.  I am also a metabolic medicine specialist, a physician who identifies problems within the normal metabolic process and restores them to full function through supplying the missing nutrients or hormones.  In other words, I’m an energy specialist; it’s my job to figure out why my patients are so tired and what we can do to get them reenergized, revitalized, and restored to their former selves. 

The endocrine system influences almost everything that goes on within our bodies, from sexual function and reproductive processes to the regulation of growth, mood, and metabolism. By understand that system, as I do, we can work to change the way you function and feel inside, and the way your skin functions and feels outside.

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