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The fatigue solution: Increase your energy in eight easy steps

Women all over the world have the same concern: fatigue. I hear it over and over again from those who come to me for help, women who feel overwhelmed and undertreated, women who are looking for ways to take control of their lives and their health. Women who have busy lives and are looking for real solutions—simple steps they can fit into their daily routines. Women who are just like me.

Is there a solution to fatigue? I believe there is.

Too many women are willing to accept that the older they get, the less energy they will have. Too many have been told, by their doctors, that there’s nothing they can do about most of the problems associated with getting older. You have aches and pains? That’s to be expected. You’re putting on weight? That’s to be expected. You’re losing your hair? That’s to be expected. You’re losing interest in sex? Of course you are. You’re overcommitted and tired.

As a physician and a woman, I believe it’s unacceptable to view any of these things as inevitable consequences of aging. I know how to boost your energy levels, but I will also help you get back the enthusiasm for life you had when you were younger. Grateful patients around the world have expressed these sentiments over and over again. When a friend told one patient who had successfully integrated eight easy steps for fighting fatigue into her life that she must be thrilled by “the new you,” the patient replied, “No, this is the old me. I got the old me back, and that’s what I really wanted.”

That’s what I always expect to hear from my patients, and what motivated me to write my new book: The Fatigue Solution: Increase your energy in eight easy steps. Obviously, I can’t treat every woman. I wanted to write this book so I could teach as many women as possible the steps they can take on their own to re-energize and revitalize their lives, and to empower them to take control of their own health and their own futures.

This book will show you how to maintain your energy and vitality. You’ll learn about how your hormones create a delicate balance throughout all your body’s systems, and how, when some of those hormones are out of balance, it can throw your overall health way off course and zap your energy resources. You’ll also learn what energy is all about—how it is produced in the body and what we need to do to keep it going throughout our busy, demanding lives. Then you’ll discover the eight essential metabolically and scientifically based steps to restoring your personal power, your health, your longevity, and especially your quality of life. Each of these steps is important alone, but they will all work together to restore and repair your energy resources. Hopefully that’s the solution to your fatigue problems.

The Fatigue Solution: Increase your energy in eight easy steps is available now.