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When Menopause Actually Begins

It can be hard to tell when menopause actually begins. Studies show that only 12.4 percent of women have a 28-day cycle. Most other women have cycles between 24 and 35 days. 20 percent of women have regularly irregular cycles. About 80 percent of women in the 40s begin skipping their period altogether. Interestingly enough, about 10% of women go from completely normal cycles to stopping menstruation altogether. It's largely because of changing hormones and believe it or not, this time can be an opportunity to reevaluate your life and understand that the changes you make now will help you when you are, in fact, in menopause.

Natural menopause occurs around age 47 in 25 percent of women. That number climbs to 50 percent by age 50. Nearly all women, or 95 percent, are in menopause by age 55. Menopause means that you have ceased having your period all togther.
When you are in menopause, you're still creating hormones but in different ratios and in different amounts, depending on what is going on in your life: stress, exposure to toxic waste, nutrition, and genetics. Some women need help and some women do not.

When you go through perimenopause – the beginning stages of menopause –your progesterone goes down, but you also have to remember it's not just the progesterone going down but the ratio of other hormones going up. In other words, you have the same amount of estrogen, but the ratio makes it higher, therefore causing estrogen dominance. Many times a woman will seek out estrogen therapy or go to an herbalist who puts them on more soy products because they're interpreting this as being close to menopause and needing estrogen and that's just aggravating an already bad situation. When women think that they're taking herbs for perimenopause, most of the time they're herbs to increase estrogen and not progesterone.
What you may need is a whole body, whole mind approach that will literally address every aspect of your health, and thus help alleviate hot and cold flashes, shifting energy levels, even extreme weakness, mood swings and mental depression.