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Producing fruits and vegetables
By Samantha Grant, CN

How many servings of fruits and veggies do you need every day? At least five. But the usual suspects like apples and oranges, lettuce and tomatoes, can get boring. Luckily there are some exotic fruits and vegetables that are perfect for April.

Fruits like tamarillo, a tangy and tart fruit that looks a bit like a tomoto; feijoa, an egg-shaped fruit that’s green and tastes like a pineapple/strawberry/lemon; red bananas; kiwano melon, an oval shaped fruit with horns; and guava, similar to a medium apple with a tart aftertaste are all fun ways to experiment with different fruits that provide some of your dietary requirements.

For veggies, April loves leeks and green onions. Both have great taste, and can be used a variety of ways. Leeks are great in soups, stews and even salads. Green onions can be eaten either raw or added to whatever your cooking for a mild onion flavor.

When eaten with other fruits and vegetables, you’ll be feeding your body the essential vitamins, minerals and fiber you need to help reduce the risk of disease and improve your energy level. You’ll feel – and look – better.