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The safe way to diet begins with detoxification
Nutrition Tips by Samantha F. Grant, C.N.

Detoxing your body is essential for long-term success on any weight loss program. Dr. Cwynar and I created a 21-day detoxification program, a non-fasting, safe and effective way to cleanse your entire body of the toxins that are consumed daily, and even more so over the holidays. Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, medications, artificial sweeteners, fats, food additives and pesticides all contribute to body stress, headaches, fatigue, insomnia and more.

On this program, women typically lose 5-7 pounds, and men lose 7-10 pounds, all by detoxing the body. Your results may differ depending on your metabolism, and how diligent you are about following the program.

Our 21-Day Detox gently allows your body's organs to eliminate these toxins by supplying macro and micro-nutrients. These nutrients come in the form of a medical food shake and targeted supplements to support the process. You'll also receive balanced meal plans, recipes, snack ideas and other helpful tools.

Specific dietary recommendations, including types of proteins, vegetables and fruits will be provided once you embark on your detox program. If you want to lose weight, this may be the best way to begin!

Focus: The Simply Slim Weight Loss System
This integrated 40-day program (minimum) is administered under doctor supervision, with daily check-in and coaching provided. It consists of four different phases including:
• 21-day detoxification

• Accelerated weight loss with daily support and coaching via phone or email

• Maintenance to help you realize portion size, food compositions and quantities

Perfected in Europe more than 40 years ago, our customized weight loss system uses your metabolism and resets your hypothalamus to allow you to lose as much as one pound each day. Weight loss studies have shown that many patients lose abnormal fat deposits and maintain lean muscle tissue. How is this possible? By getting your body to release the excessive amounts of fat-stored nutrients it has been carrying around. These nutrients are released into the blood stream where they can be readily absorbed, so even though you're losing weight, your body isn't starving.

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