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Lately when I look in the mirror, I seem to notice more and more tiny lines, age spots and drier, sagging skin. It seems to happen overnight! What can I do?

You might also provide some TLC by increasing your EFAs. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are as essential to your diet as vitamins, providing care for your skin, arteries and heart. They can even help relieve PMS and monthly breast pain. Since EFAs can’t be produced by your body, you have to include them in your diet or take them in supplements.

The two main EFAs are Omega 6s found in plant oils, nuts, seeds, and Omega 3s, found in cold water fish, cod liver oil and flax seed.  Although also found in soybeans, I don’t recommend soy, and I will explain why in a future newsletter.

It’s simple. What you put into your body is also reflected on how you look on the outside. If you do some minor things like eating more protein and supplementing your diet with EFAs, you should begin to notice a change reflected in the mirror!