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The Thyroid

Many people hear thyroid and think fat. While thyroid problems can make it harder to lose weight, it's not the only issue associated with the other common thyroid disorder: hypothyroidism. Unlike hyperthyroidism, which produces too much thyroid hormone, hypothyroidism produces too little slowing down metabolism and causing depression, weight gain and even fatigue.

My practice specializes in treating causes of fatigue, including fatigue caused by the thyroid. Often times, people with hyperthyroidism find themselves completely exhausted. This can be attributed to insomnia, but can also be due to the stress on your body from a rapid heart beat, higher blood pressure, tremors and more. Hypothyroidism can render you so tired that you can hardly lift your head from the pillow. You feel like you can't get through the day without a nap and you never awake in the morning feeling as if you got "just enough sleep." It's never enough.

The question then becomes: What can I do? Help for Graves' disease, hyper- and hypothyroidism and other autoimmune thyroid disease – including chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, thought to be related to autoimmune thyroid disease – is out there. It's a matter of recognizing that there is something wrong and seeking help. A good doctor can provide a proper diagnose and some relief.

A great doctor may be able to provide some re-life! It's a matter of recognizing symptoms but treating the patient, not just the disease, and working together to achieve the healthiest outcome. It's also a matter of being proactive about your health. One way to do that is my Thyroid Support Kit. It can help if you're suffering from poor thyroid function and includes an adrenal complex, antioxidant complex, phosphatidyl serine and selenium to help restore both balance and function.

Be in good health always.

Endocrinologists are the Sherlock Holmes of medicine, interpreting problematic body chemistry signals to achieve medical solutions for optimal health. Dr. Eva Cwynar is an endocrinologist and metabolic specialist in Beverly Hills, California, where her recognition of hormones as related to fatigue is a key element to her practice. For more on Dr. Cwynar, visit