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Q: I love to travel but my body doesn’t. How can I get a good night’s sleep when away from home?

A: Almost everyone has trouble sleeping without the familiar sounds, smells, and textures of home. But you can get a good night's rest wherever you are.

If you’re on an airplane, try supporting your head with a c-shaped pillow. If you don’t have one, wrap two airline pillows in a blanket to create your own.

When at a hotel, be sure to request a room away from the street and elevators. Be sure to set the thermostat at a steady 68º and if you need “white” noise, try simply running the fan. Most hotel rooms allow for the fan to run constantly with heat or air conditioning kicking on only when needed. Take a warm bath before going to bed to help induce sleep. You might also try a sleep CD – some hotels even offer them for use. For good measure, don't forget to pack a calming lavender spray so you can spritz your pillow.

You probably already know that sleep deprivation equals energy depletion. It’s the quality of sleep that counts (getting up even once a night to pee is one time too many) if you want to make it through the day at the top of your game, especially when traveling and sightseeing. The truth is that getting the right type of sleep is more important than just going to bed. It will create physical, mental, and emotional calm while keeping your hormones balanced and your energy flowing.

Try the ABADI Sleep Easy Kit for supplemental support. It contains a blend of nutrients including Magnesium Malate Chelate, 5 HTP to help your body produce serotonin and GABA Supreme for calming musles.