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“Dr. Cwynar empowers you to take charge of your health and gives you the information and tools to make a difference. The most important message of this book is that no matter how hectic or demanding your lifestyle or what stage of life you are in, you don’t have to settle for feeling bad. Fatigue is not inevitable. You deserve to feel better. And you can feel better—you can even feel great.”
Felicity Huffman, television and film actress
"I was feeling fatigued almost every day and now I can actually feel my vitality getting stronger every day. Many thanks, Dr. Cwynar!"
Riki Lake, Talk Show Host, Actress, Author
"Usually, someone comes to Dr. Eva when they are at their wit's end. I know I did! I was tired, sluggish, losing energy and gaining weight! Most of my girlfriends felt out of sync in the same way. Our story is HER story, and Dr. Eva turns it all around so you can look good and feel better. This book is all about super charging your life and reclaiming the way you used to feel through a 360 approach that is offered with Dr. Eva's big sister approach backed by her unique experience. Read on....an energetic, vital new you is waiting!"
Leeza Gibbons, TV Personality and Philanthropist
"I wish everyone could have access to Dr. Eva's personal care and attention. The Fatigue Solution is the next best thing—it's one book that should be on every woman's bedside table."
EVE, Singer and Actress
"I have been going to Dr. Eva for years. In that time there is not a question she can't answer, or a problem she can't fix. Now every woman can receive expert advice from Dr. Eva. Women if you care about your vitality, your health and your future you'll buy this book."
Dayna Devon, TV Personality
"Over the years, I've been asked 'How do I get more energy?' more times than I can count. And now, thanks to Dr. Cwynar, we finally have the answer. Packed with helpful tips for increasing vitality, The Fatigue Solution is an invaluable guide to living life to its fullest."
Kathy Smith, Fitness Expert, Author and CEO
"Dr. Eva Cwynar takes a woman's complaint of fatigue seriously. Drawing on her work as an endocrinologist, she outlines an 8 step solution for women that is prescriptive, practical and empowering."
Marie Savard M.D., Women's Health Expert and Author
(ABC News Medical Contributor)
"I have nothing but respect and admiration for Dr. Cwynar and her Fatigue Solution program. I recommend this book to everyone I know."
Ellen K, Radio Host & Television Correspondent

"The Fatigue Solution has the medical recipe for all the demands my position holds. Bravo Dr. Cwynar!"
Sylvia Bongo , First Lady of Gabon, Africa

I have spent the last 40 years taking complex information and delivering it in a very simple manner allowing people to achieve success in every area of their life.  Dr. Cwynar has done the same with her new book, The Fatigue Solution.  You can stop searching for the answers on how to gain back that spunk and energy you once had, as she has done that for you.  Along with millions of other women learn how to go from Fatigued to fabulous in just 8 easy steps - Enjoy your road to success!
Jack Canfield
Co-Creator, #1 Best Selling Book Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul &
The Success Principles, How to Get from Where You are to Where You Want to Be
"Creating a schedule is one thing; keeping up with it is another.  The Fatigue Solution is the key to maintaining the energy necessary to accomplish it all.  My compliments to Dr. Cwynar."
Lyn Davis Lear, Ph.D, Philanthropist, Political Activist and Wife of Norman Lear

 "The entertainment business is extremely draining on all levels. We work long hours under difficult circumstances. The Fatigue Solution offers an easy program for excellent results. Everyone can benefit from the simple lifestyle changes Dr. Cwynar suggests."
Morgan Fairchild, Actress and Activist

"As an Olympic-level athlete, I have to be at my best at all times.  Reading the Fatigue Solution has helped me to achieve that goal.  Dr. Cwynar's advice, from how to maintain maximum energy levels to how to deal with the stress of intense competition, has proved invaluable.  She's a champion in my book!"
Leslie Morse, International Equestrian Champion

"Hormone imbalance can wreak havoc on your body. Dr. Cwynar has been able to help me, and this book will be able to help you too. She helped me to understand the problem as well as the solution. I highly recommend The Fatigue Solution. "
Dr. Andrea Rich

"Dr. Cwynar is a very conscientious and efficient physician."