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The Fatigue Solution: Increase Your Energy in Eight Easy Steps
by Dr. Eva Cwynar
I once treated a working mother who was suffering from severe fatigue, an almost total lack of energy, a low sex drive and chronic infections after the birth of her second child. She was a busy professional and was worried that her constant tiredness would affect her ability to do her job and to care for her family. Her concentration and memory were unreliable at best. Sleep, what little she got, never refreshed her. She had no interest in having sex with her husband. Typically she crawled into bed around 7:00 p.m., leaving her children to be cared for by others. Internists, ob-gyns, infectious disease specialists, gastroenterologists, ear nose and throat doctors were all mystified by her run-down condition. I had her blood and saliva tested for vitamin, mineral and hormone levels and the results showed severe as well as some minor, more subtle nutrient deficiencies and hormone imbalances. With the help of the nutritionist in my office, I started her on an energy-specific diet to support her body's systems and help them absorb more nutrients while giving her the vitamin and mineral supplements her body lacked. Within two weeks, she felt more focused and could now stay awake in the evenings after work. Most encouraging, her immune system was strong enough to resist the flu bug running through her office. After five weeks, I was thrilled to learn that her overall energy level had increased dramatically and her sex drive had revived. Why was this case so special? Because this patient I'd healed was me, Dr. Eva Cwynar.

Every day, all over the world, millions of women just like me are grappling with many of these same mind and body issues, and more: Low sex drive, weight gain, sexual dissatisfaction, chronic stress, anxiety, hormone imbalances, infertility, poor sleep, lack of concentration, PMS, perimenopause and menopause complications, and most especially, an overriding feeling of unexplainable fatigue. Well, it's time to take the "F Word" out of our lives! This book takes a metabolically- and science-based approach toward increased energy production and, with seven simple steps, gives you the practical know-how you need to immediately start revitalizing, rejuvenating, and re-energizing all aspects of your life.

The biggest complaint I hear over and over again from women who come to see me in these times of overscheduled, overstressed, and over-stimulated lives, is that they are more than just tired. They're fatigued to the point of burnout. They've lost the energy they used to have and they want it back again. The Fatigue Solution is the eight-step solution to waking up energized, staying active throughout the day, and enjoying a peaceful night's rest.

Too many women are willing to accept that the older they get, the less energy they will have. The myth that has been perpetuated by doctors and patients alike is that there's nothing you can do about most of the problems associated with getting older. You have aches and pains? That's to be expected. You're putting on weight? That's to be expected. You're losing your hair? That comes with the territory. You're losing interest in sex? Of course; you're getting older.

The Fatigue Solution is here to say that there is no reason to accept any of these things as inevitable consequences of aging. It will not only show you how to boost your energy levels, but it will help you get back the enthusiasm for life you had when you were younger. Grateful patients around the world have expressed these sentiments over and over again. When a friend told one patient who had successfully followed the The Fatigue Solution program that she must be thrilled by "the new you," the patient replied, "No, this is the old me. I got the old me back, and that's what I really wanted."

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