Dr Eva Cwynar, Thyroid Fatigue

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
This test allows me to target your specific nutritional and metabolic needs with a convenient finger stick blood and urine test. This unique profile takes a functional approach to determine areas of imbalance and/or deficiency. Even slight deficiencies can impact your body’s ability to create energy, burn fat, and build brain chemicals. The test provides information about oxidative stress and energy production by looking at potential insufficiencies of a group of nutrients including carnitine, NAC, lipoic acid, and CoQ10. It will determine your body’s inflammatory potential based on fatty acid balance. The most effective and efficient combination of nutritional products will be selected for you based on your individual test results.

There are a variety of labs that provide the CMP test, and you can ask your doctor for more details. This is also a test that I sell on my web site. We send you the CMP test kit and you return the kit items in a shipper that is included. The lab will process the test and we provide you with the results, and a 15 minute telephone evaluation with our Nutritionist when the test results are received.

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