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To complement my ABADI Skin Care System, I’ve sought out the best with Mirta Sandomir, a senior aesthetician, to administer our Dermal Therapies. Each full session includes a skin analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliation, brushing, steaming, extractions, facial massage, professional mask, hand, arms and shoulder massage and the use of ABADI advanced anti-aging science products.

Meet Mirta Sandomir
Mirta began her career in 1968 as one of America’s premier aestheticians in New York City. She studied under the pioneers who first introduced skin care as a profession and founded the first ever American School of Skin Care/Aesthetics, where Mirta served as a professor. Mirta has long been known as “La Mano de los Famosos” (Hands of the Stars), a moniker she earned while working on-set for Puerto Rican television actors, directors and producers. She has also gained recognition for being the first aesthetician in the world to use glycolic acid as a skin care treatment peel. Today, she uses her expertise to create beautiful skin.

ABADI Facial Treatment Menu
ABADI is my advanced anti-aging skin care line, created to address the hormonal and metabolic factors that can prematurely deplete skin’s vitality, elasticity and luminosity. Each product works synergistically with the others to virtually reprogram your skin to look, feel and act younger.

In these facial treatment therapies, the entire line of ABADI advanced anti-aging science products are used to help your skin to positively glow.

ABADI Purifying Balancing Dermal Therapy
A classic deep pore treatment for those who prefer a basic facial this therapy addresses sensitive, acne prone, or congested skin.
60 Minutes
30 minutes

ABADI Line Repair Dermal Therapy
An anti-aging treatment with exceptional ingredients such as Black Tea, Squalane, Kombuchka and Hyaluronic Acid to increase hydration, reverse the look of wrinkles and prevent moisture loss. This illuminating facial treatment will indulge your skin’s youthful desires, and leave your skin rosy, rejuvenated and truly radiant. Includes high frequency or hot therapy and a moisture mask applied to intensify the benefits to the skin.
70 Minutes

ABADI Lift and Firm Dermal Therapy
This treatment includes a “hot peel” for immediate and visible transformation as it removes dead skin cells. The appearance of age is reversed by speeding up the cellular action and increasing its metabolism. Its unique targeted ingredient structure helps provide exceptional lift, firmness and overall tone. Firming Neuropeptides, willow bark, bilberries, sugar cane Saccharomyces/Zinc Ferment are some of the ingredients that help tighten and firm the skin.
70 Minutes

ABADI Cellular Renewal and Restorative Dermal Therapy
An advanced anti-aging treatment designed to assist the turn-over of new, more vibrant skin. The combination of dermal planing (a manual removal of the outer layer of skin) and a light TCA (chemical peel) are used to stimulate the benefits of skin renewa. Good for all skin types to improve texture, tonality and deliver glowing results. To restore the appearance of youthful skin, our peptide technologies activate the 8 human growth factors essential for tissue damage repair, elastin and collagen production. An anti-aging facial massage and a soothing mask complete this facial treatment.
70 Minutes

ABADI Anti-Oxidant Fresh Fruit Dermal Therapy
A refreshing, and tightening treatment that utilizes a mix of fresh berries, yogurt and honey makes this therapy ideal for all skin types. Minimizes fine lines, reduces pore size and eliminates puffiness around the eyes. Natural moisturizing properties will hydrate even the most dry, dehydrated, and overexposed skin. An anti-aging facial massage, fresh fruit mask and a second facial cold massage finishes this antioxidant treatment.
70 Minutes

ABADI Ultimate Signature Dermal Therapy
In a world of anti-aging treatments, the Ultimate Signature Dermal Therapy stands apart. This treatment delivers a deep level of benefits to meet the full range of your skin needs by combining the latest techniques with the most scientifically advanced ingredients. The result is an experience beyond the traditional facial treatment. It’s the perfect way to pamper, repair and renew your skin. We incorporate a combination of all the extraordinary therapies plus more.
· Deep pore cleanse for extracting imperfections
· Dermal planing to remove the outer layer of skin
· Microdermabrasion to reduce the signs of aging
· Light TCA peeling to reinforce and promote the growth of healthy skin
· Anti-aging facial massage to stimulate muscle tone and tightening
· LED Light Therapy photo-stimulation to promote biomodulation to increase production of elastic and collagen fibers
· Oxygen Therapy to refresh, rehydrate, reduce redness, inflammation and help heal the skin.
· Encourage topical antioxidant absorption

The results are positively exquisite. You’ll experience:
· Rejuvenating effects that help to increase cell regeneration
· Decrease of wrinkles as it nourishes
· Revitalized and oxygenated skin for a more youthful radiant appearance

Refresh, reenergize, rebuild, and revitalize all your senses with this unparalleled and superior treatment experience.

90 Minutes

Deep TCA Peeling Therapy
An intense therapy that benefits all skin types and improves skin texture and tonality and gives glowing results by refining, balancing and giving skin new clarity. Increases new cell productivity, restores collagen and elastin fibers, and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, freckles and hyper-pigmentation. Allow 7 days for recovery.

60 Minutes Face and neck

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