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Antioxidant Complex: Our special formulated antioxidant complex is a combination of fat-soluble and lipid membrane protective antioxidants. It includes the full spectrum of the vitamin-E family, including potent levels of gamma tocotrienol and delta-tocotrienol. It contains lycopene, alpha and beta carotene, and lutein and zeaxanthin. It is excellent for use in all cancer protocols, and for those who may not be getting enough antioxidant-rich vegetables.

Ultra Omega: While the value of Omega-3 fish oil supplementation is widely known, their quality and potency can vary significantly. Our Abadi Ultra Omega is manufactured by one of a handful of companies whose fish oil capsules comply with the CRN Monograph. Our fish oil is tested for pesticides, heavy metals and contaminants. Ultra Omega capsules are among the most potent available. Most other products require patients to take up to four times as much to equal a single dose of Abadi Ultra Omega. Ultra Omega utilizes USP-verified ingredients and contains a super premium and synergistic blend of wild deep-sea sourced fish oils, borage oil and flax seed oil. This is the most comprehensive blend of essential fatty acids on the market. Ultra Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy heart, skin, joints, eyes and immune system. Omega-3 fatty acids have also been shown to support development, increase mood and concentration in children! Many complain of burping after taking other fish oils. Our Ultra Omega is burp-free for nearly everyone.

C Flav: Contains a blend of vitamin C, a well known antioxidant, along with herbs that also have strong antioxidant properties such as Quercetin, rutin, and hibiscus flowers. Use for immune system enhancement and for illness or infection.

B Complex: A powerful combination of the B complex vitamins, including a blend of the vitamin B’s and Folic Acid. These therapeutic dosages are available for the wide array of health benefits supplied by the B vitamins like energy, blood-building, and blood sugar balancing. Remember that B vitamins are needed to make energy and for calming the nerves. They are depleted under stress and by many medications.

Zinc: Zinc helps accelerate healing time for internal and external wounds, gets rid of white spots on fingernails, restores loss of taste, aids in the treatment of infertility, supports prostate problems, helps with mental disorders and reduces the length and severity of colds.

Hair, Skin & Nails Complex: Hair, Skin & Nails Complex supports healthy HCl levels in the stomach, enabling efficient digestion of protein and assimilation of the minerals necessary for hair and nail health. Saw Palmetto supports the control of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), thought to be an instigator of premature hair loss. Sulfur ranks as the third highest substance by weight in the body’s chemistry besides water and gases, playing a major role in maintaining the body’s overall balance of health. Important for generation of connective tissues for everything from hair to cartilage, collagen to skin, sulfur is crucial for the production of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.

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