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Description:  Glycemic Support – Vanilla is designed to provide a high-level of dietary fiber, especially soluble fiber which will provide stability to daily glycemic control.

Key Ingredients: Glycemic Support – Vanilla plays a key role in adrenal health by supporting the body’s glycemic response.  When you eat a meal your blood sugar and insulin levels spike, the amount of the spike will depend on what foods were eaten (high sugar or carbohydrate meals will result in a larger spike).   A few hours or so after the meal, your blood sugar and insulin levels begin to fall, this often times causes people to feel tired and drained in the afternoons.  Overtime this rise and fall can put unwanted stress on the adrenal glands and can contribute to adrenal fatigue.  The ingredients in Glycemic Support - Vanilla, including beta-glucans, brown rice concentrate, flaxseed flour, lipoic acid and chromium, help decrease the spike in blood sugar and insulin levels after a meal and thereby decreases the large fall of these levels in the afternoon, leading to less fatigue and adrenal stress.  To support this glycemic balance with Product Glycemic Support - Vanilla, it is recommended that it be taken either directly before a meal or during a meal for best results.

Dr Ev Cwynar, Supplements

Suggested Use: Add one scoop (31.1g) of Glycemic Support – Vanilla to your favorite smoothie recipe or the beverage of your choice, mix and drink between or before meals 1 to 3 times daily, or as recommended by your health care professional.

Contraindications: If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your health care professional before taking this product.  Glycemic Support – Vanilla contains significant levels of soluble and fermentable fibers. Some individuals may experience gas discomfort when initially taking the product. We recommend using ½ scoop doses for the first several days to allow for bowel adjustments before regularly using the full dose.

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Glycemic Support


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